Felix Mendelssohn’s Song without words, one of Dr. John Watson’s favourite pieces.

 “I see that I have eluded above to his powers upon the violin. These were very remarkable, but as eccentric as all his other accomplishments. That he could play pieces, and difficult pieces, I knew well, because at my request he has played me some of Mendelssohn’s Lieder and other favourites. When left to himself, however, he would seldom produce any music or attempt any recognizing air. Leaning back in his armchair of an evening, he would close his eyes and scrape carelessly at the fiddle which was thrown across his knee. Sometimes the chords were sonorous and melancholy. Occasionally they were fantastic and cheerful. Clearly they reflected the thoughts which possessed him, but whether the music aided those thoughts, or whether playing was simply the result of a whim or fancy, was more than I could determine. I might have rebelled against those exasperating solos had it not been that he usually terminated them by playing in quick succession a whole series of my favourite airs as a slight compensation for the trial upon my patience.”

A Study in Scarlet

The “Lieder” refers to Felix Mendelssohn’s “Lider ohne Worte,” which means “song without words.” Mendelssohn’s songs without words are recognized for their romanticism. 

#because I’m so romantic today #and can’t help but imagine Holmes playing this piece on the violin for Watson #don’t you? #♥

Thank you for this. :)

"SherLOCK! WHAT have I told you about leaving EYEBALLS in the MICROWAVE?"

"SherLOCK! WHAT have I told you about leaving EYEBALLS in the MICROWAVE?"

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The Adventure of the Empty House

Illustrator: Frederic Dorr Steele

Pure eye candy.

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Sherlock Holmes 1922

Theatre flyer and publicty photo.

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I couldn’t see Martin’s face [during filming] obviously,” said Cumberbatch, “he was just a little blob on the pavement, waiting for a bigger blob to land by his feet… [but later] it was really wonderful to see what he’d done on the other end of that phone conversation - I could hear it [at the time] but to see it was really, really, really moving and, him being in shock afterwards, it’s ridiculous but it made me cry.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Radio Times

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Funny. Me too.

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Looking for something Sherlock Holmes to pass your time while waiting for the new season of Sherlock? Take a trip back to the 80s when Watson wore a fez that one time, and Holmes used his trusty syringe and dismissed people’s intelligence with just as much sass as ever.

Jeremy Brett stars as Sherlock Holmes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, and The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.


Season 1

A Scandal in Bohemia (S01x01) Youtube

The Dancing Men (S01x02) Youtube

The Naval Treaty (S01x03) Youtube

The Solitary Cyclist (S01x04) Youtube

The Crooked Man (S01x05) Youtube

The Speckled Band (S01x06) Youtube

The Blue Carbuncle (S01x07) Youtube: |1|2|3|4|

Season 2

The Copper Beeches (S02x01) Youtube

The Greek Interpreter (S02x02) Youtube

The Norwood Builder (S02x03) Yotube

The Resident Patient (S02x04) Youtube

The Red Headed League (S02x05) Youtube

The Final Problem (S02x06) Youtube


Season 1

The Empty House (S01x01) Youtube

The Abbey Grange (S01x02) Youtube

The Musgrave Ritual (S01x03) Youtube

The Second Stain (S01x04) Youtube

The Man With the Twisted Lip (S01x05) Youtube

The Priory School (S01x06) Youtube

The Six Napoleons (S01x07) Youtube

Season 2

The Devil’s Foot (S02x01) Youtube

Silver Blaze (S02x02) Youtube

Wisteria Lodge (S02x03) Youtube

The Bruce Partington Plans (S02x04) Youtube


Season 1

The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carafax (S01x01) Youtube

The Problem of Thor Bridge (S01x02) Youtube

Shoscombe Old Place (S01x03) Youtube

The Boscombe Valley Mystery (S01x04) Youtube

The Illustrious Client (S01x05) Youtube

The Creeping Man (S01x06) Youtube

The Master Blackmailer (S01x07) Youtube

The Last Vampire (S01x08) Youtube

The Eligible Bachelor (S01x09) Youtube


Season 1

The Three Gables (S01x01) Youtube

The Case of the Dying Detective (S01x02) Youtube

The Golden Pince-Nez (S01x03) Youtube

The Red Circle (S01x04) Youtube

The Mazarin Stone (S01x05) Youtube

The Cardboard Box (S01x06) Youtube


The Sign of Four (chronologically after Adventures series) Youtube

The Hound of the Baskervilles (chronologically after Return series) Youtube:|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|

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Did Mrs Hudson move out?

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come on, John.

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Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome, okay?

Dr. Joan Watson

She speaks for us all.


White coloured pencil and grey pastel pencil on A4 black paper.


made “Alone on the Water” fanart

step dad told me Johnwas crying too much to be physically possible

Studio Ghibli, I say



Greg had no idea that copies of the Police Charity Calendar he had agreed to pose for as a young constable were still in circulation…

And that Mycroft owned four of them.

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“Yes, I did say before that Sherlock was the most perfect
machine for observation and deduction; however, there
was once a day when we finished the case in a scrap factory,
the sunlight of the dawn shines down on him.
Sherlock, who has always been so desperate for the truth
of everything, did nothing but just stand there still, and then
he reached out his hand like he was trying to hold the
sunlight…for me, at that moment, he was merely a child.”

 —-John Watson

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